Google’s brand built to last

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 January 2010

Watch Google Thrive and Prosper — Sorry China.

Whenever some one asks us why they should invest in their brand or spend the cash necessary to properly manage the brand, I always tell them they should do it “because your brand has a direct effect on your bottom line.”

Google thriveWill Google Thrive?

What this means is that your corporate actions should be a direct reflection of your brand promise. You should also expect those decisions to affect your bottom line positively if that promise is a true reflection of the values your target audiences hold dear. In that case, your brand will increase preference.

This is good news for Google. Their brand has always promised reliable access to internet content. Unfettered access. The long overdue action taken by Google to challenge the Chinese policy of Internet censorship is an example of a brand promise being delivered. Even though this delivery, in Google’s case, may mean losing access to the world’s fastest goring economy, it bodes well to their future.

Kudos, Google. Your dedication to your brand will continue to pay off. Because of it, China will one day need you more than you need them.

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