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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 May 2017

Walmart employees get another bonus

Shopping at Walmart doesn’t thrill me. Its stores are far too expansive for me to ever feel comfortable as a shopper. I never quite know where to go to find unique items. And darn it, there is only ever one register open at a given time. (No excuse for that, people!) Especially because the retailer is getting better at taking care of Walmart employees.

While I am not a Walmart shopper, that is not to say I don’t envy the store’s brand. Incidentally, you’ll find my musings on recent initiatives within the company, market copycats and its grocery chain, just to name a few.

“Just consider what Walmart has done with this move. In one fell swoop, it’s telling everyone that it has its employees back.”

Walmart employeesThis week, the market leader announced something new that prompted me to admire the brand a little more than I already did. The news: “Walmart wants to make sure its employees who take time off to serve in the military never take a pay cut.”

This is another example – in a long line of many – of Walmart showing its brand as different and better than everyone else.

Walmart employees finally being treated fairly

What exactly does this mean? If you are one of the thousands of Walmart employees (part or full-time) and you are required to serve a voluntary or involuntary military assignment, here’s what happens. Walmart will “pledge to cover” any difference in an employee’s military salary. In particular, it will cover that salary if that salary is less than what they would be making as a Walmart employee. What’s more, this is for assignments from “three days to five years.”

That’s unfathomably great and further separates Walmart from the pack. In addition, being the market leader, other retailers are sure to follow.

Just consider what Walmart has done with this move. In one fell swoop, it’s telling everyone that it has its employees back. (Even though some fault Walmart for only now paying higher salaries.)

What’s more, the largest American employer has just tacked on 10,000 more US jobs. So while every ounce of me rejects shopping there, working there seems to be a very different story.

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