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18 December 2018

Van Morrison remains a genius

I recently bought the book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968, penned by the music journalist, Ryan H. Walsh. Since reading it, I’ve been transfixed by the music of Northern Irish singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Van Morrison, like never before.

Van MorrisonWalsh’s title hearkens to Morrison’s second album and blistering work of sonic mysticism, Astral Weeks. If you’ve never listened, stop reading this moment and stream a copy, damn it. Then get back to me. The book shares what may at first seem like incongruous events. Which, in actuality, are the momentous threads that stitch Van’s masterpiece.

Let me say this, and stone me if you must: Astral Weeks is an unrivaled masterpiece. It’s more idiosyncratic than Pet Sounds and more cosmically ethereal than Sgt. Pepper. It’s the work of a 22 year-old who channelled the heavenly contents of love, fear, pain and the hereafter. And it’s the closest a singer-songwriter has ever came to looking squarely at the sun. All this, and more life affirming than U2’s Joshua Tree.

That’s the brand of Van Morrison.

He’s just a little guy from Belfast, no great looks or sexy swagger. Just brilliance, hinged on the facets of life.”

The music of Van Morrison speaks for itself

The guy continuously pours out song after song, album after album of non-pretentious classics. Whether it’s the long players of Moondance, Tupelo Honey or Hymns to the Silence, or tracks,“Dweller on the Threshold,” “Kingdom Hall,” or “Into the Mystic;” his work never stales. Van Morrison keeps the pulse of the divine.

He’s just a little guy from Belfast, no great looks or sexy swagger. Just brilliance, hinged on the facets of life. And this, time and time again. It’s a brand that hasn’t let up since 1968.

As Einstein once said of Gandhi:

“Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth”

I’ll say that, too, about Van Morrison.

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