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11 October 2017

USMNT loses out on World Cup. How did this happen?

The US Men’s National Soccer Team fails to qualify for the World Cup in a devastating loss to Trinidad and Tabago. What does this mean for the USMNT?

USMNTThe USMNT has qualified for every World Cup since 1986. The loss comes on the heels of the US failing to qualify for the last two, yes two, Olympics. Sports fans express their outrage, as they should. How does a country with more than 323 million people not find 11 players to beat a country of 1.3 million? If you are any kind of sports fan, you should be outraged. More than three million kids tout being US Youth Soccer members.

This is one of the most embarrassing sports losses by an American team on the international stage in a very long time.

To put it in a bit of perspective, the former USMNT and Major League Soccer player turned play-by-play announcer, Taylor Twellman said, (I am paraphrasing a bit), “Iceland is the size of Corpus Christi, Texas and they can figure this out, why can’t we?” Iceland’s population stands at about 335,000 and it’s qualifying for the World Cup.

“Losing to Trinidad and Tabago stinks. Failing to qualify for the World Cup reeks.”

What the USMNT loss means

This isn’t about a lack of talent. Plain and simple, this is about a lack of heart. Lack of heart by the players, by the coaches and by those who run MLS and US soccer.

American exceptionalism, my ass. America’s over-inflated worldview of itself is at play here. We believe money is king and, if you throw enough money at something, everything will work out. America spends billions on soccer every year and we can’t qualify for a World Cup? There is no passion. There is no heart.

Losing to Trinidad and Tabago stinks. Failing to qualify for the World Cup reeks. Losing this game at this particular moment in time, at this point in history, is devastating to the US soccer community.

Internationally, soccer (football) remains paramount across the world. Simply put, the USMNT can’t compete in the most international of all sports. (The women’s team, however, remains a shining light.)

At the very least, the loss represents a wake up call to US soccer. What are we doing if we lose to teams from countries like Trinidad and Tobago? American exceptionalism loses here, and there really is no other way to sugarcoat it.

Guess what, folks? America is not that exceptional and don’t take that as some anti-America sentiment. I just mean if, we as a country want something, then we have to work for it. (That’s not so different than branding.) If you want something to change, then you have to change it. No doubt, changes are coming.

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  1. Tarry

    USA is not good at everything… We need to believe that for some reason.yes it is sports but we try to do it with business, religion etc. Winning is not everything. Just getting along would be great. I just thought about history – we did not win all wars, the race to space (note race was used), artist, musicians etc. It possible – not to always compete. We can now enjoy watching the best players in the world play.


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