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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

27 August 2019

Using Google Drive is an exercise in punishment

So yeah. As readers are keenly aware, I am both a tech-junkie and an Apple fanboy. Just check out a smattering of my posts on the brand. As such, it pains me to admit that there are times I veer into the competition. One such foray is with Google Drive and its program base of Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Google Drive’s program infrastructure holds a wealth of potential. First, it’s free. And you receive a smorgasbord of space to save your documents within Google Drive (which, I’ll get back to). Doc is just as fulfilling as Apple’s Pages, and Sheets is just slight of Microsoft Excel. It’s really not a bad system.

But holy damn, Google Drive is bloody hot mess.

Google please. I beg of you. Get simple with Google Drive. How hard can that possibly be?”

People want simplicity. Google Drive is anything but.

Over the years, I’ve built up a solid collection of work documents within Google. But heck, I need a merit badge just for being able to find any of them. Maybe a whole stack of badges.

The ecosystem of Google Drive is painful. “Recent” files can be your own, or a slew of others shared with you by anyone and everyone. As such, everything gets bogged down into the abyss. I have documents on my drive from people I don’t even know. Sure, you can star the important files. But that means slogging through their cesspool of this and that.

Google DriveAnd who has the time to spend doing that?

This confounds me as much of what Google accomplishes seems simple and direct. Just scroll through its browser app selection and each covers a unique skill or tool. Google Maps, Photos, Calendar, Books and Classroom all work to fulfill user needs with brilliant ease.

Just not the hot bed of confusion, Google Drive.

Google please. I beg of you. Get simple with Google Drive. How hard can that possibly be?

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