US Air – Being late means on time

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 March 2010

US Airways. Flight delayed but its still on time. Beam me up Scotty!

Because almost all the brands competing in the market today believe erroneously that purchase decisions are rational choices rather than emotional ones, they seek values that customers can quantify. Vineyards tout points in Wine Spectator and automobile manufactures swoon over a JD Power award. Airlines are no exception.

usairways_logoYesterday, I sat on the tarmac in a US Airways jet waiting to take off for Philadelphia to catch a connecting flight from Hartford, Conn. As we pulled away from the gate, the pilot came on the PA system and announced that air traffic control had just issued a wheels up time for our aircraft 35 minutes late because of air traffic volume over Philadelphia.158594-JD_Power1

I had a connecting flight with a just 45-minute window so this was bad news for me. The next flight out was 5 hours later. But the pilot added, “Folks, we build this delay into our schedule and you should arrive just 5 minutes late.”

A sigh of relief was audible throughout the jet as we all digested another “on-time” arrival for US Air!


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