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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 February 2018

Upgrading to an iPhone X? Don’t use AT&T

Upgrading to an iPhone X sports its share of problems. Especially when dealing with AT&T. Like many who upgraded, I paid a nominal fee and traded in my phone to complete the upgrade. I did so through the Apple site, then sent my phone to AT&T.

iPhone XA month later, AT&T sends me a notice that I never returned my phone with a warning that I was being charged over $1,000 for it. Immediately, I got on the horn. Thankfully, I kept tracking information on the phone’s return. Sharing my predicament with a nice customer service rep, she assured me the issue was taken care of and I was offered a premium DirecTV subscription. (I declined.)

Then, a week later, a bill for the phone arrives. Back on the phone with AT&T, to which the new customer service rep says there is no record of my previous interaction. Instead, she sends a note over to billing to handle the issue. She says I had nothing to worry about.

Lies I tell you. She then follows this with a stellar offer for DirecTV. No thanks.


“Now I am roped into a contract with a inept company that can’t even figure out how to credit me the amount for the phone I returned WHILE it owns a record of me returning the damn phone.”

A week later, my bill remains. More annoyed, I call again. Another 45 minutes goes by but I feel the explanation given me was solid: The previous reps hadn’t approved messages by their manager and I was assured the issue would be handled within one to two weeks. Once again, the rep shares that wonderful offer on DirecTV.

I wonder, does anyone ever receive help when they call AT&T customer service?

Clearly not me. Two weeks go by. A notice arrives that my issue had been resolved. Alas, I was in the clear. I could enjoy the iPhone X.

I just wanted the iPhone X. AT&T makes it nearly impossible.

I only wish that were the case. I was credited half of the amount I had been charged, but what about the other half? So, I call again. This time, I was pissed. I share all of the above info and another note for the billing department was drawn up. Also? Another snazzy offer for DirecTV.

Another week goes by, and I was credited $100. But I was still $435.12 short.

Was I infuriated?


Was I going to snag the DirecTV deal I was offered?

Not a bloody chance in hell.

My friends. Two more of these calls were made. All the while, two additional DirecTV offers were issued, and yet, no resolution. Now, I am being told that AT&T is aware of trade-in issues through Apple and that, within the next 1-2 billing cycles, it will probably be taken care of. How dare they tell me probably. What kind of show is this?

This just makes me mad. Now I am roped into a contract with a inept company that can’t even figure out how to credit me the amount for the phone I returned WHILE it owns a record of me returning the damn phone. It has caused me unrest and a whole bunch of time I’ll never get back.

Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. But part of me wonders if this all a continued effort on the part of AT&T to get me to sign up for their stupid DirecTV service? Here’s the straight dope. AT&T can get lost. After all this, I’m going nowhere near DirecTV, ever. And as soon as I can, I am swiping over to another carrier.

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