Brand Effectiveness

Updating a brand.

Updating a brand means removing clutter

What if you find your brand’s meaning slipping away? Or you believe your brand is not important or fresh as it once was?

You should think about updating your brand. You should call us and request a brand audit.

Updating a brand is not as costly or drastic as rebranding, and in many ways, it is a vaccine against having to rebrand, or worse, still needing a brand repair.

Stealing Share’s process is different from other branding companies.

Our point of view is different (read about our revolutionary behavioral model here) because we believe that brands are not static entities. The only thing stationery is your logo and identity.

The rest of branding is fluid.

Updating a brand to be more persuasive

Your brand is the permission to be successful. Everything you market and sell relies on that brand to help you claim any efficacy you have.

Updating a brand looks differently at the target audienceMost folks believe the opposite. They don’t think of branding as a means of persuasion.

They see the brand as an object that exists in a barren world.

They think meaning and preference for the brand come from marketing messages and sales efforts.

The exact opposite is true. Your brand’s meaning should direct your marketing messages and sales tracks. When constructed correctly, your brand must be persuasive in and of itself. And that persuasion needs to adapt to subtle changes.

Just think for a moment how much your marketing changed in the last year, if not the last few months. How you reach your target market is everchanging. If you don’t adapt, you will cease to be.

The nuances in persuasive branding change as quickly. And your brand needs brand management, updating your brand constantly.

Relevance and authenticity

These are your keywords. Be relevant and essential, and let your brand’s authenticity show.

Updating a brand should seem like adjusting your market position—just a tiny bit.

updating a brand adds relevanceOutside influences change the positioning landscape, and you need to adjust the brand’s place in that 3D map.

Our brand market research has told us customers and prospects value authenticity more than traditional value. There is so much noise in customers’ ears today that they have moved.

There was a time we thought of this as the information age. A few years back, we transitioned into the age of knowledge.

Prospects filtered out the noise. Updating a brand needs to consider this.

It is as much about getting to the prospect as it is persuading them. This entrance is where brand persuasion comes to the fore.

The paramount SPAM filter today is authenticity. If your brand is not authentic, you are worthless SAPM. You have a chance at breaking through if your customer thinks the brand is authentic.

What we are saying here is that authenticity is MORE critical today than a product attribute.

The brand is the root and trunk of the authenticity tree. If the tree is hollow, it will not stand.

If you don’t, your competitors will

Your market today is competitive. Not a place for the timid.

updating a brand protects you from competitors eating your lunchAdjusting your brand to represent authenticity is our goal in updating a brand. This adjustment is needed because authenticity is a moving target.

Deeming a movie authentic years ago seems contrived and silly now. If a director and production house could adjust that perception— they would.

Luckily, your brand is not a movie. You can adjust a brand and tweak it to keep it center stage.

If you don’t, you run the risk of being just nostalgic. Then you will need brand repair, and that is a significant undertaking than updating a brand.

Call us and have us look dispassionately at your brand with a brand audit. If you need adjustment, we will create that stage for you.

The result is a marketing message that is important and authentic to the time and audience.