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26 June 2017

Twin Peaks destroys your mind, connection to reality

This is not a recap. Otherwise, that’d mean I have a greater conscious understanding of last night’s airing of Twin Peaks.

For those who saw it, are you still reeling? For those who haven’t, you don’t have to worry about dropping acid anytime soon. Episode 8 provides the biggest mind, sound and visual explosion of your life.

“Anyone who didn’t think Twin Peaks would be strange, baffling, emotional, and terrifying didn’t know the David Lynch brand.”

Almost literally. (If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.) In the era of Peak TV, co-creator and director David Lynch ups others’ attempts at an alternate reality (think Mr Robot or Legion) so much that they just seem lame. And fearful.

Episode 8 is David Lynch unplugged.

Twin Peaks is the culmination of the David Lynch brand

Twin PeaksThe recent trend of reviving old shows worries me. But I’ll live with it. Especially when Twin Peaks arrives as nothing like anything else on TV. Not even the previous seasons of Twin Peaks.

I’m not a TV critic. Check out others to see how Twin Peaks stacks up as TV cinema. But if ever a director has a brand, it’s Lynch. Anyone who didn’t think Twin Peaks would be strange, baffling, emotional, and terrifying didn’t know the David Lynch brand.

From Eraserhead to Blue Velvet to Lost Highway to Mulholland Drive. Lynch has taken Andrew Sarris’ auteur theory to a new level. He’s a director with no filter between his subconscious and what’s put on screen.

Fascinating, though, that his nightmares have their own internal logic. Even if they don’t look or sound like anything else. Episode 8 traffics in surreal imagery. But it actually delivers more information than most of the season’s episodes. (Which I’ve also found fascinating.)

Who knows if the Showtime execs knew what they were getting into. All I know is that it’s a miracle we’ve got 18 episodes of David Lynch’s wonderful psyche. Pure and uncut.

Now I’ll just throw out any psychedelic drugs I might have. I’ve got David Lynch instead.

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