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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

17 September 2018

TV ads using the same exact song

Watching TV over the weekend (while ignoring Florence), the following two TV ads played back to back. Notice the similarities? (Hint: Turn up your volume.)

“How either creates preference is beyond me. The perfume ad borders on parody. While the Acura ad is easily forgettable.”

What do the TV ads have in common?

Yes, both ads play “She’s a Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones. Man, I gotta hire their agent. How they were able to sell rights to the song to two different brands for their TV ads at about the same time is agent par excellence.

TV adsNow, it’d be easy to rip one or both of the brands here. But I doubt either was aware of each other, until now. TV ads take months to develop. You’re barely aware of any other brand’s campaign outside your own category.

So, the question begs itself. What do you do in this instance?

Well, we’re talking about two completely different ad buys. The Acura ad is everywhere. Its large spend creates privileges because in the minds of consumers it kinda owns the song. Jennifer Lawrence’s Joy perfume runs only occasionally. (Due to my unscientific analysis.)

What to do in this case

If I were Acura, I’d keep running the ad. If I was Dior, I’d recut it with another song. Easier said than done, I know. But if any viewers notice the similarities between the two ads, one of them (or both) are sunk. Because then the TV ads just seem like Madison Avenue advertising. Which isn’t believable.

There is, of course, are a larger issue with these TV ads. I love the song, but each ad becomes a cliché. Oh, she’s a rainbow swimming and looking like Jennifer Lawrence. Buy the perfume!

Oh, she’s a rainbow listening to music in her car. Buy the car!

How either creates preference is beyond me. The perfume ad borders on parody. While the Acura ad is easily forgettable.

So, instead of worrying about what to do in this crisis, both Dior and Acura need to rethink their upcoming campaigns. Because, as we know, TV ads take time to develop. So they’ve got the time.

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  1. Rollie Nickolite

    I’m sold buying an acura because of this ad ..period.


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