Today’s NFL and Bill Parcells

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

30 January 2015

For the troubled NFL, it’s a good thing Bill Parcells is out of coaching

Bill Parcells was a great coach. If he were actively coaching today, he would be a very good coach. But the world, hopefully, has passed Bill Parcells by and moved forward.

I listened to an interview with Parcells just this morning on NPR. It was the second part of an interview that the aging coach gave to NPR this week. Today’s focus was about Ray Rice and whether he could or should be playing in the NFL today. Coach Parcells had plenty of experience with players with dependency issues during his career (think Lawrence Taylor) and many thought his methods of dealing with those problems was ahead of their time. Not any more.

Maybe winning isn't everything.

Maybe winning isn’t everything.

Coach Parcells said that, as a coach, he always believed in second chances, saying, “Well, I’m pretty much a second chance guy. I think if someone has demonstrated a true alteration of his behavior and true remorse for some of the things that happened, you could understand how you could kind of say, ‘OK, let’s see.’”

Then he added, “It was a very unfortunate incident, but young people, highly emotional, alcohol involved, sometimes stuff happens that you wish wouldn’t happen.” Yes, Coach, punching your wife in the face and knocking her out in an elevator is certainly unfortunate.

I hope that the game that Parcells dominated with his winning ways has indeed passed him by. The interview went on to demonstrate exactly what is wrong with a game where winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Parcells let everyone know that he is a dinosaur by this remark about the real devil in the Ray Rice details. “I think unfortunately for Ray, it came at a time in his career, well, he was well down the road. I mean, a running back’s longevity isn’t that long. Usually anyway.”

All too true, Coach T-Rex. It’s too bad that no act of violence, anti-social activity or sociopathic activity excludes someone from playing in the fractured world of the NFL if that individual can contribute to WINNING.

I just wanted to mention that the Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick cut his teeth as an assistant to Bill Parcells. Well there’s a surprise. #Bill Barcells #NFL #Ray Rice #Bill Belichick #Super Bowl Cheating #NFL Scandals


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