Rebranding Trivantage


Trivantage Logistics Brand Case Study

Trivantage Logistics brand Case Study

Trivantage, an international supplier of specialty fabrics and hardware, was looking to increase its market share after the merger of three companies into one.

Logistics brand case study of a division of Glen Raven

Trivantage is part of Glen Raven

Once formed, Trivantage become the market leader and its logistics brand successful, but its emotional connection to customers was absent, leaving it vulnerable to competitors.

Trivantage needed to tap into the logistics trends that influences the logistics market. This work is the basis for this logistics brand case study

To help Trivantage rebrand with that, Stealing Share studied the market, which included installers of awnings and other products, with qualitative and quantitative research to uncover what Trivantage could do make its customers more loyal. (Read a case study on New Breed Logistics here)

Stealing Share found that the installers were turned off by complexity. In fact, what they wanted most was to get their order done as easily and quickly as possible.

With that as a basis, Stealing Share helped Trivantage own a new position that reflected logistics trends with a brand position worthy of a successful logistics brand based on the promises of simplicity and control. That resulted in a new brand themeline:

Order. Done. Good Call.

In addition, Stealing Share created a new logo for Trivantage that worked in tandem with the new brand position. The celebratory nature of the logo mark demonstrates the “good call” while the straight line against the mark suggests that the order is completed without fuss.

Logistics brand case study. Original Trivantage Logo:


Old Trivantage Brand Logo

New Trivantage Logo:


From that point on, Stealing Share aided Trivantage in working to fulfill the promise of the brand to customers including brand training.

Today, As highlighted in this logistics brand case study, Trivantage serves customers through 12 state-of-the-art distribution centers. With an enhanced online ordering process and same-day service capabilities. Its logistics branding is resonating.

It is positioned as a single company with a specific focus that guides it internally and externally in everything it does.

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