The Trivago guy is just plain weird

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 August 2014

Trivago guy too annoying to last long

It seems I can’t turn on the TV without seeing the Trivago campaign. If you are not familiar with Trivago, it is a web site that searches other hotel booking Internet sites and lists all the pricings for the same hotels as listed on the bucket shops like and Expedia.

“But long-term growth is built upon affinity. How much the target audience identifies itself with the brand.”


TrivagoOK, it seems like a reasonably useful site and one I would probably use – except for one thing. I just hate the character that Trivago has scripted as its spokesperson. Rolling Stone wrote that he was the “rare pitchman capable of haunting your dreams while simultaneously enflaming [sic] your loins.” Slate says he is ”a shallow avatar of middle-aged masculinity, a found object and a cult item, an accidental enigma.”

All indicators are that the campaign is working. But it can’t work in the long run. Sometimes when you are launching a brand, it helps to have a quirky, even annoying, personality presenting your goods. It makes it memorable, which is exactly what you want when a brand is launched.

But long-term growth is built upon affinity. How much the target audience identifies itself with the brand. Somehow, I can’t see how this pretentious coolness can be accepted as believable. I can’t help but think, every time I see the ads, that this overtly cool guy is not winking at me and trying to pick me up. This is not a guy you would want to have a beer with. It is a guy who drinks vodka martinis and flirts non-stop with your date.

His demeanor is unbelievable and, as a result, condescending and irritating. In a blog I read in the Wall Street Journal, one reader commented this: “You ever get that vague sense that something is not right, that the universe is somehow off? Then you realize you just saw the Trivago guy?” I could not have said it any better myself.

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