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Top Brand Agency. Stealing Share is it.

It might seem like hubris to tell you that Stealing Share is a top brand agency. But we believe candor saves everyone a lot of time. And we work with great urgency.. Just look around you.

Everything has changed. Media is different and the digital age and social media promise micro-targeting. But the science of branding remained stagnant

So we took a hard look at branding. It seems obvious now but why do other top brand agencies talk about brand equities and not brand persuasion? That is easy to answer. They are stuck in the past and think persuasion is some else’s job.

top brand agencyWe disagreed with that stupid assumption and reinvented invented branding because the foundations of the science were old and stale

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But we are not a top brand agency because of our size. We are a small company with only two offices. (But don’t think because we are small compared to some others that our clients are insignificant.) Global Fortune 500 companies have known about us for years. 

We even reinvented our internal operations. We have no account executives or unnecessary support staff.

We have no intervening personnel artificially placed between our clients and our strategists, researchers, or creative director. We are talented and aggressive. We are lean and we are focused.

Being a top brand agency comes with responsibility

top brand agency

Stealing Share has earned its place as a top brand agency because our success rate is astounding. We succeed because we have no time for sacred cows and little patience for distractions.

Traditional branding agencies judge their success based on industry awards for graphic design. We don’t. We march to a different drum.

Stealing Share has a singular purpose. We steal market share. We don’t think anyone should invest a dollar or a euro in rebranding or launching a new brand unless the goal is to increase your preference and therefore increase your market share.

top brand agencyAs a result, we have a tangible goal line to be measured against— one that rewards victory based upon accomplishment. We demand that the brands we build are persuasive and create preference.

As a top brand agency, we have a responsibility to have all of the tools you need to succeed in-house. And we do.

Our brand strategists work directly with our clients— without an intermediary account executive. We have the world’s premier market research firm, Resultant Research. All under our roof. Our design and the creative group take our strategies and make them shine uniquely in the market space.

Our work,  the top brand agency, has taken us all over the globe. We have branded products and companies on every continent but Antarctica.

As a result, our brand strategists and market researchers are skilled at teasing out the cultural differences between your prospects and customers.

We have created brands in Europe, the Sub-Continent, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Everything you need (strategy, creative, design, and research) is in-house

top brand agency

Resultant Research has commissioned research studies in Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch, Flemish, and almost every language you can think of, including English.

But our real secret is our clients. We choose them well (and they choose us).

They are also aggressive, care about tangible results, demand critical thinking, believe in projectable research, and are willing to embrace change in order to secure results. No brand can compromise on the elements needed to win. We make sure of everything so that you are confident that nothing is left to chance.

If you have something in common with them, then steal a few minutes of your time and we will show you how we do it.

We leave you with these words from Mike Reitz, Chief Operating Officer, Genesis Healthcare

Mike Reitz, Genesis Healthcare“We did not know Stealing Share prior to hiring them. They came up with a game-changing new brand for us in the short-stay rehabilitation industry (PowerBack Rehabilitation). Now? Well, now they have unlimited credibility with us.”

See some of the work we did for PowerBack Rehabilitation here.

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