Too much customer service

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

21 June 2018

Too much customer service is a real thing

I’ve said this before, but I gotta say it again. Too much customer service drives me bat-shit crazy.

Too much customer serviceNot surprisingly, Best Buy kills me with this. Annoying employees seem par for the course with its leaderless brand and horrendous experience.

Typical scenario at Best Buy: I can never find anyone to assist me when I need it. Yet when I want to browse, they all butt in. Just leave me alone. What’s worse, when I do have a question, the staff at hand sports the knowledge base of a piece of celery.

This reminds me of the glory days of perusing at Radio Shack, or the Shack, or whatever the hell it was called. Doofus employees. I recall being asked, “Have you seen one of these?” as an out-of-touch bloke held up a solar-powered calculator. Sure have my friend, sure have.

I know the Moe’s burrito or Coldstone Creamery dude isn’t that annoyingly thrilled to see me.”

Too much customer service feels creepy

It’s freaky. I just bought my eldest son a guitar pedal from Sweetwater. Minutes later, a rogue number rang through on my cell. Like any of us would do, I didn’t answer. But they left a message. A Sweetwater employee calling to discuss my purchase and field any questions. Nice and all. But odd practice. And it kinda weirds me out.

Hear me now. There is a fine line between smart and well-timed assistance and that of desperation tactics. Most employees perform the tasks employers expect. But sometimes that results in too much customer service. I know the Moe’s or Coldstone Creamery dude isn’t that annoyingly thrilled to see me. It’s contrived. And boy, is that ever bad practice as it drives me away for good.

Anyone stuck in this practice of too much customer service simply needs look at a functioning Apple Store. Entering, an employee asks you about your needs. If you want to shop, have at it. What’s more, you can even check yourself out. If you need specific aid, a specialist will meet with you in that distinct location of the store. And they indeed specialize in that product.

What a novel idea.

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