I was just thinking about the number of advertising agencies that convince clients to “trust their creativity” and yet never engage Stealing Share to develop the brand message and a strategy to steal market share. Funny that.

This past weekend I witnessed, first hand, how a belief in creativity alone to deliver something the target audience needs and appreciates can fail and fail miserably. Unfortunately, I invested an hour and a half of my time sitting though the movie “Spliced.” Luckily, only four other people besides my wife, sister-in-law and I fell into the trap of wasting a perfectly good Sunday evening in the local theatre watching this debacle.

What you need to remember is that the production company invested $30,000,000 in this film with the high hopes and “creative certainty” that it would be loved, accepted and recommended to other movie gowers. No one said…”Lets make this movie even though I think it is bad.”

Remember this lesson when your ad agency tells you that your communications need to be “entertaining.”  Ask them how they know what is entertaining and how their track record is better than Hollywood which does this sort of thing as a full time job?

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