Times are changing for Netflix with House of Cards

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

3 May 2013

House of Cards ushers in original Netflix programming

It looks like House of Cards has paid off for Netflix. Times are changing for Netflix… and quickly.

The streaming service added 2 million subscribers with House of Cards, a ground-breaking political series starring Kevin Spacey.  Quite a leap from the days when Netflix was being outflanked by its competition.

“It also marks a change in how Netflix will be perceived.”

It also marks a change in how Netflix will be perceived. Its brand previously was about a business model. Now its content will draw customers.

House of CardsThis has happened before. In a way.

House of Cards brings in a new era

Remember when TLC was The Learning Channel? Now it features shows such as “The World’s Worst Tattoos,” which are hardly educational.  Broader offerings spurred the network to simply rebrand itself as TLC.

And AMC, which a few years ago was known for airing seemingly non-stop “Die Hard” movies, now pulls in massive viewership with its gritty series lineups that include The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. As a result, AMC’s tagline is  “Something More.”

In each instance, content drove the brand.  With House of Cards and other promising shows in production, look for Netflix’s brand to transform into something new.

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