Tim Cook is leading the way

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 June 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook. Apple Act 2.

Tim Cook. Apple CEOLike everyone else, I worried about Apple’s succession plan. I was a died-in-the-wool member of the Steve Jobs cult. I was not sure what to make of Tim Cook.

Steve was a peer in terms of age (he was one day younger than me) but an idol in terms of accomplishment. I still have my original Mac Plus at home. And yes, it still works.

A tough act to follow

Steve Jobs was replaced by Tim Cook

Taking over Apple after Steve seemed akin to becoming the coach that succeeds Bear Bryant. Legends make chumps of their successors.

And Tim Cook seemed laid back. Steve was edgy. Confident and inspiring.

When Steve stepped down and Apple announced that Tim Cook (as the interim head of Apple) would assume the permanent role of CEO— I doubted the decision.

When Steve Jobs died shortly after, my confidence shook.

Tim Cook has done well

But, in a final tribute to Steve, he chose well.

Tim Cook

I am a fan of Tim. His steady hand and unflappable demeanor elevates him to an honored place in my esteem. Good on him that he never tried to be Steve. He is 100% Tim.

Great CEOs set the tone. They lead by example and set the expectations. Tim adds to the Apple legacy. His leadership is not subtractive.

Steve had a mercenary’s temperament. His impatience and volatility (in the pursuit of his vision) is well known. There was a dangerous part of Steve. I thought it the price of genius.

Not so much of Tim.

Brands are about beliefs

I admire Tim Cook’s moral compass.

Tim Cook with Chris HayesI watched an interview hosted by Chris Hayes. A participant asked Tim what he would do if he was Mark Zuckerberg. At the time, Facebook was in the throes of the latest scandal. Shared personal data with unscrupulous companies.

The question was meant to get Tim’s view on Zuckerberg’s official response.

Tim’s response sums him up for me completely.

“Apple would never be in that position.”

Enough said.

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