Nike and Tiger Woods. Nike’s big gamble.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

27 March 2013

Tiger Woods demonstrates the danger with celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are risky business. Companies that hire famous faces also buy any ugly publicity that person generates. Enter Nike and Tiger Woods.

That’s why corporations are quick to axe celebrities who engage in bad behavior.

“This in-your-face celebrity campaign could backfire.”


Tiger WoodsNike and Tiger Woods

Nike’s new Tiger Woods campaign, which kicked off as soon as the golfer regained his number one ranking, appears to capitalize on his past mistakes. It deliberately reminds customers of the womanizing that cost Woods his wife and his sterling reputation.

The slogan: “Winning Takes Care of Everything” implies that being back on top of the professional golf heap erases Woods’ personal transgressions.

Not so, said Nike. The quote was innocently lifted from Woods’ response when asked if rival Rory Mcllroy intimidated him.

Sorry, Nike. The public may admire Tiger Woods’ golf ability, but they don’t like his personal life. This in-your-face celebrity campaign could backfire. Nike and Tiger Woods seems like poor fit these days.

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