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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 May 2018

Thrive makes a difference for phone users

Like most of us, I have a love-hate relationship with my cell phone. This is why I know Arianna Huffington is onto something great with the Thrive app.

On the one side, having the immediacy of being tethered to the connected world of ideas is rich. I am always current with news and a few clicks away from anyone needing me. On the flip side, being so immersed can rapidly squelch my productivity. Must I be alerted about the Royal Wedding and its attendees? Is it paramount that I receive an update that JR Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers fouled Boston’s Al Horford hard? (Well, maybe…)

“It’s sad that reality has come to this. But it has, and here is a powerful tool to help us get better.”

Let me explain. While turning off notifications in these instances will do the trick, I haven’t. Instead, I click away on all these updates knowing full well that I am wasting my time. Speckle this with a boundless array of apps and soon enough I’ve spent an afternoon or evening or both doing nada. 

Thrive simplifies your life

ThriveWhat’s Thrive? As the app says, it “helps you take back control by giving you the tools to set boundaries with technology.” How so? By blocking apps, notifications, calls and texts for a distinct period of time allowing one to live without distraction. Auto replies send, letting those attempting to reach you that you’re away. And it allows you to set usage time with all your devices.

I get it. I was cynical of Thrive too. Then reality set in. Like you, I bet, I tell myself that I can have self-control with my devices. But I don’t. Consider, for example, a post-Thanksgiving dinner at my place where my family is all sitting around on their devices, all the while missing quality time with one another. Or my habit of grabbing and searching my phone during an uncomfortable situation. We need to get a grip.

It’s sad that reality has come to this. But it has, and here is a powerful tool to help us get better.

While the app won’t be ready for IOS until the summer, you can snag a version of it if you own a Samsung. In the meantime, I’ll practice by turning my devices off. It’ll be tough. But I’ll try.

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