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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 July 2019

The USWNT brand standing as a brand for equality

The USWNT once again wins the World Cup, marking the fourth win for our new heroes. On one hand, the USWNT brand means winning, justifying its cocky approach to soccer play.

Consider this. Including this year’s Cup, there have only been eight World Cup women’s tournaments. The US women have won half of them, losing on penalty kicks in the 2011 finals. So, in eight years, the US reached five finals.

USWNT brandThe US men have never played in a final in the 21 times the men’s tournament has been held, placing third way back in 1930.

Even before the latest World Cup, many of us wondered about the gender pay-gap in soccer. And many are rightfully getting angry over it.

Let’s start here. The USWNT brand brings in more revenue than the men for US soccer, according to the Washington Post. Nearly a million more. Yet more than $7 million is spent on development for men’s soccer, while only $3.6 is spent for the women. Last year alone, the women finished with a revenue surplus of $2 million while the men ended with a deficit of just over $3.5 million.

“The USWNT brand outperforms the USMNT but is paid less. How is that fair?”

The USWNT brand is worth more than the USMNT

And yet. The USWNT players make half of what their male counterparts do.

To earn at least that, the USWNT brand must do what it’s always done – win. With the men, they just have to show up. (And they don’t even always do that.)

I get that there are all sorts of agreements in place. But the women who are winning on the world stage (the men lost to Mexico in the Gold Cup finals) should be paid AT LEAST what the men make for the same performance.

There is a historical pay-gap in the US and around the world between women and men. It’s ridiculous that a woman earns less for the exact same job. The USWNT brand outperforms the USMNT but is paid less. How is that fair?

Fresh off their historic win, the women’s team is taking over worldwide media with their equal pay message. At least in the short term, the women will have their choice of endorsement opportunities. Good for them.

But my advice is to make their protest bigger than themselves and keep it about women in general, not just women in soccer. Then the USWNT brand means more than winning. It means equality.

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