The Torch is not an iPhone killer

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

4 August 2010

The Torch is not an iPhone killer

Screen-shot-2010-08-04-at-4.12.36-PMSo the new RIM Blackberry Torch is coming out in a week or so. It is remarkable that so-called reviewers are labeling it as yet another “iPhone killer.” Since the launch of the iPhone, every new phone has been labeled as either the next iPhone or given the ominous moniker of iPhone  killer.

It is just proof of how how strong of a brand the iPhone truly is. Good brands have big targets on their backs and market players are constantly gunning for them. In iPhone’s case, there has been a great many attempts to shoot it down but none have been successful and the reason is simple: Brand.

The best brands etch out a market position that has not been previously claimed and that resonate with those they wish to influence. Once they are able to claim that position, they own it and no one can take it from them as long as they vigorously defend and live it. Apple’s competitors know this, by the way, as they see that the Apple brand is able to evade the latest iPhone assassin no matter what new brand comes out. The problem is that Apple’s competitors have not been able to separate their products from their brands. That is, Apple’s competitors think that their products are more important than their brands. Unfortunately for them, they could not be more mistaken. Just ask Apple.

Though Apple is filled with extremely intelligent designers and researchers, Apple’s products come as a result of a well-thought out and strict brand. Any product that Apple develops comes to market as an extension of the Apple brand. In the case of Apple’s competitors, products come to market as a products that are sold strictly on product attributes.

Specifically in the case of Blackberry, the opportunity will be missed to be the real iPhone killer. Actually, RIM could have prevented the iPhone from becoming so entrenched today had it looked at its own brand in the same way that Apple does. If you want proof, ask the brand manager for the Nexus One.

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