Pixar is one of the world’s most emotional brands.

Anyone who knows me can testify I am a curmudgeon.

There are movies, actors, foods, books, football teams — really, just about anything you can think of — that I will let my aversions be known. It’s why writing these blogs each day comes so naturally.

It’s also why when something special crosses my path, I can’t help but write on it.

Pixar is one of those special brands.

Pixar’s animated films have heart.

My dog Teddy wakes me up every night. That’s nothing new. He does that every night. He is an aging old boy needing a bathroom break every few hours.


Inside Out is another perfect example of the brand of Pixar.

I have a hard time falling back to sleep when I get up with Teddy as both family and business fill my mind. To pass the time, I normally throw on a movie. Last night, I found myself watching Pixar’s latest release, Inside Out.

Think about that. I”m a sixty year-old, cynical man. Yet, I willingly put on a Pixar movie.

Isn’t that strange?

Not really. Every Pixar film I have seen has soul. The stories are vibrant. They have characters with merit and struggles and desires, and, what’s more, the films are as must for adults as they are children.

Pixar’s brand is monumental. 

As I am constantly purveying markets, I’ve come to expect few brands as the champions of their respective industries. Apple and Amazon are two of those powerhouses. Starbucks is too. Walmart.

So too is Pixar.

All I need do is see the animated desk lamp at the onset of a PIxar film and a rush comes. I am filled with emotions like excitement and wonder, innocence and joy, and most of all, bittersweet sadness. I have come to expect these feelings. No other film company, not even PIxar’s parent company, Disney, can entice a viewer the way Pixar does.

Last night, as my eyes misted over with tears while watching Inside Out, love came flowing through me. Once I came to, I shook my head in wonderment and knowingly realized that Pixar had done it again.

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