The scene at this year’s Thanksgiving

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

12 November 2013

Because stores are open to shop

This will be the conversation at Thanksgiving this year:

Me: “Everybody come sit down. I’m ready to carve the turkey. Now where did I put that electric knife…”

Everybody else: “Sorry. Gotta run. Will have leftovers when we get home.”

Me: “When will that be?

Everybody else: “Who knows. Bye!”

“There’s only a certain amount any consumer can spend, so what does the extra time even do?”

You see, as the curmudgeon I am, I am suspecting that many of our largest retailers are going to take Thanksgiving away from us. At least nine retailers are opening on Thanksgiving to get the jump on Black Friday, with Kmart opening at the ungodly hour of 6 am and The Gap letting customers in at 9 am.

On Thanksgiving.

ThanksgivingPretty soon, the holiday crazy season will start with Black Halloween, where you dress up in costumes and mob the front doors until they come crashing in.

There is a reason why retailers are opening early, and I suspect it may become a permanent fixture of our lives. The holiday shopping season is a bit shorter this year with Thanksgiving coming on Nov. 28 and retailers want to get in as many heavy shopping days as they can. .

I’m hoping consumers stay away until Friday. Even though most retailers, such as Walmart and Target, are not opening until 8 pm on Thanksgiving, I’m not crazy about it. What I imagine will happen is that, while Thanksgiving will produce sales, it will cannibalize sales of the entire holiday season.

There’s only a certain amount any consumer can spend, so what does the extra time even do?

For one thing, it just might ruin my Thanksgiving.


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