Samsung and Chrissy Teigen = trainwreck

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 September 2015

The Samsung Chrissy Teigen ad is that bad

Samsung has a new commercial for its Galaxy Note 5 and its S6 Edge+ phones featuring the voice of Chrissy Teigen.  Of course you would assume that there were actually two separate ads, one for the Galaxy Note 5 and one for the S6 Edge+. But I guess, for Samsung, that would be too obvious. Instead, the ad has Teigen waffling back and forth as to which phone she thinks she needs. She actually goes back and forth between the two phones with point and counter point, as if she is selling one against the other.

This Samsung Chrissy Teigen commercial fails on so many levels it is embarrassing.  It is not single-minded. In an effort to try to sell two phones, it really does nothing to sell either. It paralyzes the viewer with choice. If the commercial can’t make a decision, how does Samsung expect the consumer to? Perhaps Samsung believes the ad is about its brand and that it has two good phones and that either is a good choice. But again, the waffling back and forth between the two phones is just confusing and reflects poorly on Samsung. It creates confusion.

Too much choice leads to inertia.

Because it is confusing, it accomplishes nothing more than informing current Samsung users there are two more choices for them. The ad is not designed to steal market share. Samsung fails to clearly define anything in this ad. It assumes consumers know something about both phones and sells indecision to an unnamed target audience with unnamed needs and wants. As bad as modern advertising has become, I can generally tell what the purpose of most ads are. Furthermore, most ads at least try to be single-minded insomuch as they are about a single product or a single company and do not paralyze the viewer with choice. (Although trying to be single-minded seems to be a problem in the mobile phone category.) Ads tell consumers to choose a product or choose a brand. The Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ ad does neither. It just tells consumers that Samsung is confusing. I guess then, the Samsung brand face is for those people who want to be confused. The ad is really that bad.

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  1. Henry Watt

    I agree with all of the above. In fact aside from indecision on the same brand, it targets her poor choice in phone edicate thinking showing doggie nipples is cool and approriate. A real airheaded approach to decide on phone features, although if they are pandering to airheads than they were spot on. Perhaps a second feature will be one of “no battery” so people like these will be silenced from social media with their pointless dribble.


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