I have written in the past, without political bias, that the Republicans have a better brand. This does not mean they are better ideologically or better suited to solve the problems in the US. It simply means that, as a brand strategist that looks for customer belief systems and clarity, the Republican Party does it better then the Democrats.

Republican_ElephantBut there is a death spiral in that same brand. It comes because an ideology that is felt passionately by a minority in the party has hijacked the Republican brand.

I was just listening to a talking head broadcast on NPR and they were discussing the upcoming election and how the “base of the Republican party is angry at everything.”

Webster’s defines “base” as the fundamental part of something: groundwork, basis.

The reason that the Republican brand is in trouble is because they have confused an extreme element with a “base.” A base is something that you can rely on through thick or thin, not something you pander to so that they do not desert you.

Americans want better and less government. I get that. But less government might mean less religion in government, less social judgment in government and less disrespectful anger.

If I am right, this is a very bad thing for the Republican Party, which seems to be holding onto the strings of a tea bag. If I’m wrong, then the US brand is in trouble.

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