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12 November 2019

The reasons why the Knob Creek brand has become the bourbon of choice

My personal interests rage at me like a tidal wave. Some days, I’ll wake up and have a nagging obsession about something. For instance, antique pocket watches held my throne of curiosity for several years. A penchant for elephant themed ties took root next, followed by a two-month period of nothing but Beatles music. Now, my inner itch rests solely with a cocktail – the Old Fashioned. And let me tell you, I can’t have it with anything other than Knob Creek brand bourbon.

Knob Creek brandAn Old Fashioned is, in my humblest opinion, the most perfect cocktail (and drink for that matter). And I have constructed my own mixology of it. A shot of Knob Creek (100 proof), ¾ shot of simple syrup, a dash of orange bitters and several of Angostura bitters, a maraschino cherry and a little ice. Quite simply, it’s delicious.

“As the Knob Creek brand says, its bourbon is Every Bit Earned.”

Knob Creek brand speaks to an authenticity

But back to Knob Creek. This single batch bourbon, produced by a Jim Beam distillery, speaks to you from the shelf. The appearance of the bottle (logo, cork design and bottle structure) are paramount. Because at first, you have nothing else to help you in your choice, especially if you are not well-versed in liquors. The look and feel of the bottle is critical. Something about the Knob Creek brand seems authentic.

Don’t take my word for it? Consider Four Roses. The single barrel edition is a fine tasting bourbon. But hell. If the bottle branding isn’t something out of freshman year design, I don’t know what is. As such, many find it lackluster and entry level. I still do.  And I guarantee a massive part of this is due to the less than alluring exterior.

On the flip side, a bottle of the Knob Creek brand is something to behold. An artistic black top protrudes from the upmost part. Its logo is artfully displayed on an earth-tone sticker. And the dark amber bourbon sparkles within. It’s a joy to partake. Which is why I’ll have a Knob Creek Old Fashioned this evening.

As the Knob Creek brand says, its bourbon is Every Bit Earned.

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