The promise of dōTERRA essential oils

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 November 2016

The promise of dōTERRA essential oils

A few weeks back, I popped over to my son’s house to see my two grandkids. The visit, much like other visits to his place, was filled with little legs running back and forth, laughing and tiny voices asking silly questions of me. I love it.

But, as is usually the case, the little buggers wear me out fast.

I took a seat in the living room in my usual spot, an antique sofa, and began to doze off (those kiddos really tucker me out). As I was drifting off, I noticed a wonderful aroma: a citrusy spice that relaxed me instantly.

Turns out what I was enjoying was an essential oil called On Guard, extracted by the company dōTERRA, that was emanating from an essential oil diffuser.

Essential Oils seems like a hot item these days

Chia Pets?

I didn’t want to admit it, because I often find the essential oil craze to be a bit of a pyramid scheme, but the fragrance relaxed me tremendously.

I have become a closet dōTERRA user.

It’s true. My ego just wouldn’t let me admit that I was really curious about dōTERRA. Certainly, aromatherapy has been around for eons. What’s more, I couldn’t find any online conspiracies about the company. Seriously, what is the deal with that? That’s nearly unheard of these days.

“The real story behind dōTERRA is how a tiny smell and dab of liquid can change a mindset, as it did mine. That’s real power.”

So I snagged a couple samples from my son: a lavender, peppermint and frankincense concoction, and began rubbing them into my neck each morning. Funny thing, I now look forward to that process each day.

The word on the street was that this mix would generate a general sense of calm and wellbeing. The mix made me feel relaxed, indeed. What’s more, I found my sniffer wanting to seek out the scent as much as possible.

The branding process always hinges on what we believe — in other words, our precepts. dōTERRA has work to do to address the initial precepts that many have about essential oils, like the precepts I had about them:

That it is a pyramid scheme, flavor of the day, and all about making a sale.

The real story behind dōTERRA is how a tiny smell and dab of liquid can change a mindset, as it did mine. That’s real power. Right now, the company’s website is solely preaching to the choir and that has to change.

Profound growth will come if and when more people like me jump onboard. Not until then.


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