This is a story that helps prove Apple has become the most coveted consumer brand in the world.

A few months ago, I surprised my wife, an avid reader, with the newly released Kindle DX. She really liked it but was rather confused that I hadn’t waited for the rumored “reading device” that Apple was said to be working on.

Then came the iPad. Although it really just looked like an oversized iPhone, the size of the screen and its touted capabilities intrigued me but left me a little disappointed. I have an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, an iMac and there was always my wife’s Kindle.

Then came my mistake. I visited a local Apple store and tested out the iPad myself. All my reasoning why I didn’t need this product went right out the window.

Now, I have been a Mac guy for years. Even when it looked like their days were numbered back in the 90’s, I continued to carry their flag.

But here’s the power of the Apple brand.

I told my wife I got an iPad because “I needed it.” I even used the justification that it would be very useful for my business travels. I was sure she would give me a hard time, seeing that we had just purchased a Kindle.

All she said was to make sure I picked one up for her.

Even those who are not in the “cult” of Apple are starting to get it. The numbers prove it. Apple is generating record profits, its stock price is continuing to rise and, despite early tepid reviews, the iPad is a hit.

And it’s not because those of us who have cherished the Apple brand for years are driving the train. It’s the rest of us. Apple has tapped into the self-reflections of more of us more powerfully than ever. We are witnessing one of the greatest brands of all time.

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