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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

28 November 2018

The power of the Amazon brand: Inviting it into our lives

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Amazon brand receives some of its biggest shopping days. In fact, Cyber Monday was the single biggest shopping traffic in terms of items sold in Amazon’s history.

It shouldn’t come as any real surprise. We are witnessing the near-completion of the transition from brick and mortar to online. In fact, by some initial estimates, spending online during the Thanksgiving shopping holidays increased 25% from last year.

Amazon brandWith the Amazon brand in particular, you may not like it for any number of reasons. But you can’t argue that with Amazon it is just easier.

Additionally, its number one seller, the Amazon Echo Dot, remains shrouded in some mystery. Amazon declines to say exactly how many smart speakers it sold, only coyly saying “millions.” However, the Amazon brand makes it clear it was its hottest seller both domestically and around the world.

Think about that for a moment. “Millions” of customers actually invite the Amazon brand into their homes. They essentially allow an Amazon data miner into their homes to watch, observe and record.

I have owned Amazon devices for some time. We have them all over the house. We use them to play music, report the news and weather, and tell me what’s on my calendar. Echos are used as intercoms from one room to room. And as it was nefariously intended to buy shit from the Amazon brand.

I love Alexa.

“More so, we actually paid the Amazon brand, the very company that is taking our privacy, to do just that.”

The Amazon brand achieves the impossible

Simply put, those devices work. Oh sure, there is the occasional question that Alexa simply answers, “Hmmm. I don’t know that.” (But, with recent updates, even that is getting better). Or she plays 50’s rock and roll when I ask for classic rock. But as a whole, Alexa remains pretty awesome. And my family and I are constantly finding new ways to use her.

I know I am not alone in my Alexa love. If I were, clearly “millions” of Echos would remain in Amazon warehouses.

But, fundamentally, even more interesting is that all of us who have Alexas, Cortanas or Googles in our home, car or business have voluntarily given up our privacy to have the talking cylinder in our lives. More so, we actually paid the Amazon brand, the very company that is taking our privacy, to do just that.

I quit Facebook after they had violated my privacy by basically inviting anyone with a few bucks to access my information. It may just be an over-rationalization, but Amazon is different. The Amazon brand has permission.

Maybe it’s because I figured Facebook simply wasted my time and made me feel unfulfilled unless my “friends” liked my most recent post. With the Amazon brand, I actually have something physical. I know I can get what I want, usually at the best pricing available and have it delivered to my house, in some cases, the same day I order it.

Alexa and her Echo home extend the Amazon brand of easy. I know I am letting Amazon into my home, but I’m okay with it.

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