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3 October 2019

The new iPadOS resuscitates the iPad

Just last week I waxed poetic about Apple Arcade. To truncate my musings, I loved the new addition to the brand, but found a few misses with the concept. (Namely, why not merge it with Apple+ and Apple Music?) Since then, I installed the new iPadOS onto my five year-old iPad Pro (that’s pushing the lifespan of any Apple device for me).

Holy hell, I am blown away.

For the longest time, theiPadOS iPad felt under appreciated and underdeveloped. Most, including myself, likened it to a massive iPod Touch or iPhone. Which it was. All the same apps and no difference in the process. Just a larger screen.

Along the way, I pined for an experience like Microsoft had been offering with its Surface. I longed for a computer-like experience, one with a keyboard and mouse. (Hell, an annoying touchpad would do too.) But dammit, Apple was simply not giving me that.

Then came the iPad Pro, minus the new iPadOS. With a specialized keyboard and pencil. I gave these my best shot. But alas, it still didn’t cut it.

Apple now treats the iPad like its own entity, not a larger version of something else. And the new push has paid off, with sales up 22%. That marks the iPad’s largest increase in six years.

The new iPadOS is revolutionary for the iPad. Just wish it didn’t take so long to finally get here.”

The new iPadOS will just make those numbers rise

With one fell swoop, my iPad became the all-in-one device of which I had been dreaming. Now, I can use a Bluetooth mouse with it. This alone is a game changer for me.

Beyond that, the new iPadOS allows users to download and upload files with ease. Works seamlessly among apps (as I would with multiple programs on a MacBook).

If I need to connect a thumb drive, I can do it.

If I need to take quick notes with an Apple Pencil, the new iPadOS works like a charm.

Heck, if I need an extended desktop on a separate monitor, I can do that too.

In short. The new iPadOS is revolutionary for the iPad. Just wish it didn’t take so long to finally get here.

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