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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 June 2010

The iPhone 4 goes on sale today

What is the top business news of the day? For some, in the US, it might be the US victory yesterday in the World Cup game. In France, it might be its crushing defeat and team revolt. (And make no mistake. These are business issues because of the brand ramifications and the alternately increasing or decreasing value of those brands.)

For some, it is the durable goods figures due out today. But who are we kidding? The big story of the day is the lines of campers pitching tents outside of the Apple Stores today as the faithful clamor to get the new iPhone 4. As if last week’s pre-order volume collapsed everyone’s ability to handle the volume affected the coveting of the Apple brand.


“Be as single minded as Apple and cut no corners on your brand.”

Make no mistake about it, the Apple phenomenon is unparalleled in brand history. A technology company has succeeded in getting under the skin of the developed world’s citizenry unlike any previous company. When Apple whispers about a new announcement, that whisper becomes the biggest news since the moon landing. When the product is releasee, the campers line up. And this is not to “resell” the iPhone or iPad like the first release of the Xbox. Nope. This is simply to have and to hold.

Do you want to know how to steal market share and grow shareholder value? Simple. Be as single minded as Apple and cut no corners on your brand.

Here is one for you to think about: Next year, when this new generation of iPhone is a year old and gets sold as second hand to make room for the new one, they will all be available in the original boxes. Yup. Apple takes such care in its packaging that those that buy it keep the packaging.

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