I want an iPad, but I don’t need one

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 January 2010

The iPad: Not now. Maybe later.

Apple usually does everything right. We are not accustomed to seeing Apple stumble, because no does brand better then Apple. And it will be the brand that saves them from this latest innovation, the iPad.

The iPad, as it currently stands, is a guffaw. It is not the first or last one from Apple (remember Apple TV?) and the brand of Apple will mean the next stage, either of the iPad itself or what follows it, will be the game-changer.

This is simply the warning shot over the bow. This is simply a slow seller because it doesn’t do anything new and replaces nothing.

I don’t need a better way of browsing the Web. I already have a very reliable source of wasting my time doing that. I don’t need a better way of watching movies. My flat screen TV is much better for that. I don’t need a better way of reading books. My Kindle works just fine. My iPhone does just fine for running apps, listening to music and checking my email.

In fact, all the things the iPad does I already can do – more simply than using the iPad. I don’t have to make decisions about getting the Wi-Fi or the 3G version. My components are focused and simple, which is something the Apple brand has always promised. (Emotionally, the iPad feels complex.)

Basically, I don’t need anything the iPad does.

Do I want it? What a stupid question. Of course I want it.

The Apple brand promises its users that anyone who adopts it is cooler than anyone else, more connected than anyone else and more up to date then anyone else. The simple of idea of Apple – of belonging to that special species – surmounts any product issue as long as the brand keeps true to who I believe I am for using one. The brand also signals there are better things to come.

The technology is breathtaking. When Apple allows me to leave my MacBook Pro home and carry the tablet, then I will REALLY need it. In the meantime, I only want it. Not because it is great or that it has product benefits. But because it is from Apple.

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