In just the last few years, my life has been reimagined. Mind you, it hasn’t been my doing, but rather, the Internet of Things that has done so.

We are all now connected.

We are all now connected.

If the Internet of Things is a phrase you are novice to, Wikipedia coins it as the “Network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.”

I look to my life and the world my children and their children now live in, and it expands by the day. My son’s home, for instance, is entrenched with the Internet of Things. He controls his music by calling out to the Amazon Echo to play him whatever stylings he desires. He and his wife control all the lights in their home by way of the Phillips Hue. They watch all of their TV through their Apple TVs, control the temperature of their home with a Nest, and they even have a smart lock for their front door in which they just tap on it to unlock.

Granted, he is an extreme example. What is not extreme to suggest that nearly all of us has taken a step towards constant connectivity through the devices in our home.

Should we fear the Internet of Things? 

Techradar doesn’t think so and looks forward to the future of the IoT: “The real power of the IoT may come from how easily we are able to integrate all of those different data sources – perhaps for the first time, we could see the hidden connections between people in one part of the world and producers in another or how our actions in one part of our lives influences our health, or the state of our cities.”

Yet, the flip side of this argument hinges on how we can maintain our privacy in a constantly connected world. Already, I can be contacted wherever I go. Do I need my refrigerator to be able to contact me now too?

How does branding play into the Internet of Things?

As brand experts, part of our job is to stay current. If we do not appreciate the world around us, and act as brand anthropologists, we will never truly know the customer and context of the world in which they live in.

Ultimately, by embracing the Internet of Things, our strategies, tactics and executions will remain current. And fortunately, as a techie, embracing the IoT isn’t hard for me at all.

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