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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 October 2019

The Guinness brand stands out with its authenticity

I’m an impassioned Irishman through and through. As a college student, I spent a year of my life in Dublin, where I attended Trinity College and studied with poet, Thomas Kinsella. (His version of The Tain is the greatest translation have I ever read.) I wrote my thesis on the pubs of Ireland. (I visited more than 100 of them. Tough life, I know.) I traipsed Yeats’ country by day and sang with The Wolfe Tones at night. All the while, accompanied by my favorite Irish stout. You guessed it, Guinness. 

GuinnessFor me, pouring a pint of Guinness is as much about the process as it is to drink. When I crack a can, the hiss of the CO2 cartridge and the rupturing foam brings me back to the Temple Bar District. Where, when I called for a pint, it took 10 minutes to set. I would eagerly anticipate the frothy head and the honey-like taste of the beer. A taste you just can’t find here in the states. But one that tastes sweeter and sweeter the closer you get to the brewery.

I’ve always found the Guinness brand to be a fascinating one. It’s one of the few beer brands with a distinct feel. Most beer brands simply follow the large American lager brands (Bud, Miller & Coors) in tone and meaning.

Still, the brand itself is so powerful that even ‘Made of More’ feeds into the authenticity of the Guinness brand. Yes, give me more.”

The underpinnings of the Guinness brand

Some of it, of course, is the style of beer. A dark Irish dry stout that conjures not just Ireland but also a hearty drink. It’s not for everyone.

But it’s more than that. There’s an authenticity to the Guinness brand. It’s current tagline, “Made of More,” suggests it’s for those who are looking for something beyond the norm.

I like it, but I appreciated its earlier tagline, “The beer you’ve been practicing for” more. That suggested that its drinkers weren’t the louts you see in most beer advertising. They’re the real deal.

Authentic. Unlike “Made of More,” “The beer you’ve been practicing for” was more about the Guinness drinker than the beer itself.

Still, the brand itself is so powerful that even “Made of More” feeds into the authenticity of the Guinness brand.

Yes, give me more.

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