The simplicity of streaming the NCAA tournament

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 March 2010

The end of cable TV and Satellite Providers. Trust me, it’s here now.

So, here I am at my desk, writing a white paper on business-to-business branding and I am streaming the first round of the NCAA tournament game between Villanova and Robert Morris on my second monitor. I chose to view it in high quality.

Amazing. CBS is broadcasting this game over the Internet (as well as the other games on at the same time) and the picture and sound quality is much better than the same game that I used to watch at home before I bought my HDTV a few years back.

direct-tv-on-your-pc2If it is possible with current bandwidth to deliver this kind of quality over the Internet why has no one put together a programming package that I can stream directly to the Mac mini I have connected via HDMI to my flat screen at home?  Why do I still have to subscribe to Time Warner Cable for my viewing choices when the Internet offers me greater choice (like any game I wish to watch) at a quality that satisfies my HD desires?

Efficiencies in the market always win in the long run and I believe that today I am witnessing the beginning of the end to satellite and cable television packages. Make no mistake about it. Time Warner, Comcast and or Direct TV could grab this model and own it, but I doubt they will. They will continue to sell “cable” or “satellite” because they are stuck on a delivery system (a process) and not the purpose that drives behavior — my desire for content.

Had Blockbuster realized the same type of opportunity that now exists in streaming TV, they would still be closing stores but they would also be adding customers. The efficiency of the delivery system has changed but Blockbuster has been in love with how they delivered the content not what they delivered.

This is the swan song for cable TV and satellite providers. Do they know it?


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