The Ember mug

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

21 May 2019

The Ember mug makes you smarter

My youngest son and his wife are notorious for giving some of the coolest gifts known to man. They are a thoughtful (and creative) couple. So whatever they’re wrapping up will inevitably strike a heart string upon its unwrapping. On my most recent birthday, they gave me my favorite gift yet, an Ember mug.

Ember mugThe Ember mug sits squarely in the internet of things. But it’s just the thing I need. Basically, it’s a ceramic mug with a built-in heater. The heater syncs with the Ember app where you can adjust the temperature of the mug, set a timer if you are steeping tea, or look for various specialty drink recipes.

The most striking thing about the Ember mug is its design, which sports a simple elegance that fulfills its brand of being smarter. I’d like to see the brand be more aggressive in marketing that approach with a brand themeline. But the attraction of being smart fulfills what most first adopters like me cherish.

Better yet, in the Ember mug ad spot above, the spokesperson says drinking cold coffee is “bullshit.” Now that’s being aggressive.”

The Ember mug literally calls bullshit on cold coffee

For me, the world’s most addicted coffee drinker, an Ember mug actually prompts me to savor my drinks — instead of gulping them down in one fell swoop to beat its inevitable cooling. With Ember, my mug of joe stays pipping hot for about an hour. I can take a sip, leave it on my desk for a time, and return with it just as fresh and hot — it’s brilliant, really.

Coffee drinkers can be snobs — I am. A stale, cold cup of coffee can be a massive disappointment. Ember knows this, as it proclaims, “Perfect from the first sip to the last drop” on its website. It is not about the cup but being smart when drinking coffee. It basically asks, “Who in their right mind would drink cold coffee?”

Better yet, in the spot above, the spokesperson says drinking cold coffee is “bullshit.” Now that’s being aggressive.

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