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18 December 2019

The Crocs brand is making a comeback. Of a sort.

I have long thought the Crocs brand manufactures the ugliest shoes, ever. And I am not alone in that analysis, either.

Not only are they the ugliest shoe, ever. They appear to be one of the most enduring in more ways than one, which is a double-edge sword for the brand.

Years back, I succumbed to Crocs. Then, I bought a pair to traipse around the yard in — and on occasion, to a nearby store. That pair — or should I say, Klingon boots — lasted me five years. They grooved right to my foot and were quite comfortable. Even though these days, doctors say that they are bad for your feet.

Crocs brandThe strength and weakness of the Crocs brand is that its shoes are so durable you never need another pair. Case being, if you bought one set, like I had, they lasted for years. And being that they weren’t cheap, one set is enough.

It’s akin to the current issues facing car tires. Years ago, you would trade out models more often because they wore out quicker than they do today. When’s the last time you had a flat?

The Crocs brand may be back for the moment. But fashion always changes and, well, Crocs shoes last forever.”

How long will the comeback of the Crocs brand last?

The Crocs brand stood the course for awhile. Its producing enough off-shoot styles (loafers and sandals, for instance) that it’s staying afloat. All the while, the ugly holed-up Crocs were losing favor with ever quite going away.

Then a funny thing happened.

The Crocs brand has added different types of shoes

Bam. They’re back. But this time, with teens. And they love the Crocs brand because its shoes are ugly.

“I would wear Crocs every day, and then people started laughing at me!” a 16-year-old girl told CNBC. “But then people started to notice me. And then everyone started wearing Crocs.”

Teens are strange… but, they are customers, and the Crocs brand currently can’t keep up with demand.

Not long ago, Converse shoes made a comeback as another sort of ironic fashion. They came back with such a vengeance that Nike bought the brand.

After its peak of two years ago, sales have fallen off. The Converse brand meaning will keep the brand valuable for Nike. The Crocs brand may be back for the moment. But fashion always changes and, well, Crocs shoes last forever.

So, who will buy a new one?

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