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2 March 2020

The Corona brand needn’t panic over idiots

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen quite the conundrum as the one facing the Corona brand. Yes, the beer brand. Not the coronavirus that’s being confused with the beer.

We’ve heard about this anecdotally, but now there’s some hard evidence that the confusion exists. A new study by 5W Public Relations shows that 38% of beer drinkers would not buy Corona beer because of the virus.

Corona brandIt gets worse for the Corona brand. While only 4% of its current drinkers said they would stop buying it (who are these people?), an additional 14% said they wouldn’t order it in public.

This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. You’d think people would have the sense to know there’s no connection. The Corona brand is simply the name of a beer. The coronavirus is virus that has no relationship with the beer. They just share a similar name.

So what’s the Corona brand, easily one of the most focused beer brands in the industry, to do?

“Reacting to an internet rumor would simply add fire to the pyre of misinformation. The Corona brand would give the issue some legitimacy by trying to prove the inaccuracy.”

Corona brand should move on, think about preference

Not panic. Many point to the shares of its owner, InBev, dropping 29% this year. The stock was down 43% on Friday.

But the whole beer industry is down. People are not drinking Corona or any other beer because they’re drinking wine, liquors or other beverages instead. That’s been a trend going on three years. 

And the stock market as a whole is plunging over fears of the economic impact of the coronavirus. It has nothing to do with the Corona brand.

While the results of the study are startling – and Corona should keep watch – it and other beer brands need to figure out instead how to make the beverage of beer more appealing to consumers. Reacting to an internet rumor would simply add fire to the pyre of misinformation. The Corona brand would give the issue some legitimacy by trying to prove the inaccuracy.

It still boggles my mind there are people who see a connection between the beer and the virus simply because of similar naming.

But maybe I shouldn’t be. After all, bumble heads on the internet think the world is flat, chemicals in the water turn people gay and that Elvis is still alive.

Stay cool, Corona.

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