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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

3 September 2019

The brand of Moleskin journals defines its audience

I walk a meandering journey as a creative individual. There was a time when I owned an unhinged love of poetry. I studied the works of William Butler Yeats and Walt Whitman for nights on end. Scribing my own works in leather bound journals. As my practice improved, I became snobbish with my journal selections. In those days, I would have pined for the selection of Moleskin journals now offered in abundance to novice poets like myself.

Moleskin journalsMoleskin journals aren’t anything too fancy. They come in a series of colors, sometimes in packs of three, and indifferent sizes. Moreover (and this is my favorite part), you can choose journals with different paper stylings. Some offer black pages, others have standard lines, while even more (and these are my personal favorite) come with grid lines.

What intrigues me about the brand is that it comprehends the emotional purpose of the journal writer. Its position of “M is for mover of thoughts” suggests an impact your writing makes. It’s the word “mover” that defines those who write in Moleskin journals.

“Brand only works when it identifies who it is for and not for. Being a mover of thoughts is exactly how journal writers see themselves.”

Who would’ve thought Moleskin journals would have a brand?

The selection process in choosing a personal journal is so very important. In the day, I would spend about an hour perusing journals at Barnes and Noble. The feel of the front, the weight of the pages and style, the color, shape and size, all integral aspects of the selection.

Emotion is the final arbiter of consumer choice. An experience with Moleskin journals is driven by strict emotion. In addition, brand only works when it identifies who it is for and not for. Being a mover of thoughts is exactly how journal writers see themselves.

It’s for this reason, as a recovering amateur poet, that I continue to hold a place of love for the Moleskin brand. It defines me.

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