Go Boldly

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

21 September 2017

Go Boldly 

American Biopharmaceutical Companies

Go Boldly, the marketing arm of the American Biopharmaceutical Companies, has launched a new TV campaign. It is perfect branding? It just might be.

The key elements in branding

American Biopharmaceutical Companies Brand grabs us in the gut. It moves us towards the mystic, to borrow from Van Morrison. I can’t think of a successful brand that has launched with a completely rational message.

All successful brands implant a germ of emotional connection. Such emotional pleas get us to remember and prefer the brand without any hard work.

“Go Boldly is an emotional juggernaut. Destined to change an industry stuck in case studies and platitudes. Well Done. Boldly Gone.”

Go Boldly

If you have not seen the commercial look here.


All the key branding elements woven into an unforgettable message. It is smart. Clear. Emotional. Aspirational. And it does not try to speak down to us. It addresses us at eye level. Better said at heart level.

Pharma. An industry under fire.

The American Biopharmaceutical Companies are under the gun. Perceptions tie them to runaway healthcare costs. What better way to address the perception than facing it head on?

Driving the heroic theme into our head with the catchy Go Boldly tag is a stroke of genius. But this is even more surprising. (Read about pharmaceutical brand development here.)

Associations rarely do anything right

American Biopharmaceutical Companies Nothing infiltrates associations as much as politics. To please all the factions and members most messages turn vanilla. They shy away from being meaningful and direct.

And most are headed by engineers or medical executives. All famously confused by emotional content. Thinking everything is rational. Touting the science and cases studies first. Believing we choose rationally.

Nothing is more incorrect. Research shows us differently. Medical professionals are just like the rest of us.

We make emotional decisions. Then, demonstrating the very definition of rationalization, we fill in the reasons why. The rational stuff. This is the REAL nature of purchase decisions.

The American Biopharmaceutical Companies elevated the argument

I can’t tell you how happy I am to say I was wrong. This group nailed it. They convinced me that its mission is heroic.

Rethink your conceptions. That is the meta message of this campaign. But without lecturing or belittling. I volunteer to come along for the ride.

Can you find a more poignant and effective campaign in your experience? I can’t.

You are wrong.

American Biopharmaceutical Companies Dylan ThomasIf you think about it, every campaign that asks you to change your mind is at its root telling you that you are wrong. It is a pivotal moment in brand communication. How do you convince someone of wrongness without offending them?

I’ll tell you how. Follow the lead of The American Biopharmaceutical Companies. I have a new case study. And we all have a new brand and a renewed appreciation of Dylan Thomas. Go boldly.



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