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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

16 May 2018

Target Restock at least makes an attempt

Retailers, want yet another example of the death spiral you are in? Target announced yesterday that it is expanding next-day delivery service Target Restock nationwide to its 800 stores by the end of the year.

Target RestockFree for all TargetRed cardholders, it only costs $2.99 if you don’t have one. Customers choose among 35,000 products and, if they order it by 7pm, it’ll deliver the next day. No membership needed.

The Target Restock initiative now joins Walmart and Amazon in the quest to basically eliminate the traditional brick-and-mortar retailer. Sure, orders are fulfilled using the stores (for now). But it seems like only a matter of time when all those stores become expensive warehouses.

And retailers wonder why they can’t get people into their stores.

“I read grandiose statements like, ‘retailing is dead.’ Actually, retail is NOT dead. It just exists in a state of massive change with retailers getting out if they can’t keep up.”

Will Target Restock keep the retailer relevant?

I read grandiose statements like, “retailing is dead.” Actually, retail is NOT dead. It just exists in a state of massive change with retailers getting out if they can’t keep up.

Dinosaurs like Macy’s and Sears and the now defunct Toys-R-Us (and its kinky domain names) know the folly in holding on to the traditional retailing model. They are either too stupid or too stubborn or both to do anything about it. Sears at least sees the writing on the wall enough to partner with Amazon. (If you can’t beat them, let them take you over slowly, I guess.)

I don’t know where this will all eventually play out. I do know that I am personally finding less and less reason to visit physical stores. You can have your groceries, socks, paper towels and even glasses delivered to your front door, all without stepping foot into a store. You can even order delivery from McDonald’s, if you are so inclined.

Target Restock at least signals a retailer actually controlling its destiny. I have no doubt this is an expensive endeavor. But the reality is you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. And Target is breaking a few dozen. Good on them.

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