Syngenta AgriEdge Crop Protection Brand Development


Making the AgriEdge brand simpler

Syngenta is a leader in crop protection and ranks third in the high-value commercial seeds market. Sales in 2005 were approximately $8.1 billion. Syngenta employs more than 19,000 people in over 90 countries. This Syngenta brand development project looked specifically at AgriEdge.

Syngenta and AgriEdge

AgriEdge is one of Syngenta’s umbrella brands for user programs. It combines necessary products and services in crop protection with value-added aspect technological assistance and planning.

Syngenta Also, AgriEdge offers assurance and risk management to growers and presents a progressive selling option for the channel representatives. It unifies several Syngenta brands into one family of agronomic solutions.

The well-known competitors enjoy high awareness. However, product brand names are so prolific that growers can’t discern one from another. But AgriEdge owned next to nothing when it came to branding Syngenta products and programs. Growers knew individual products they used to care for their crops. But, overall, Syngenta and AgriEdge needed more awareness in order to establish the position of an umbrella brand.

363ThumbAgriEdgeCategoryA house of brands vs. a branded house.

In short, AgriEdge was a house of brands rather than a branded house. Consumers reported it being too complicated to remember. The reason? Because AgriEdge had yet to be a brand at all. Even internally, the definition and assigned promise to AgriEdge were missing. This complexity and ambiguity needed to change.

However, our behavioral modeling provides the brand with a blueprint of causes and effects within the category. It helps Resultant Research develop more telling and valuable research. The research uncovered opportunities for AgriEdge to gain significance in the market.

Overwhelmingly, growers, as well as channel representatives, looked for simplicity, support, and investment in success. These customers wanted choices and assurance that the decision to use or promote AgriEdge was a knowledgeable choice. In order to accomplish these brand promises, AgriEdge pared down. Extra programs were absorbed by the AgriEdge brand.


Simplicity rules.

Simplicity was the key. Building a branded house was a must.

Rule 1) All programs in the AgriEdge brand must have an assurance element that provides some guarantee or shared risk. It is not AgriEdge If it does not include this element.

Rule 2) All programs in the AgriEdge brand must include some technological or computer software element. Name the offering after the crop it is designed to aid.

For Example Citrus solutions®, and the other “advantage programs,” should not be considered AgriEdge. Used them in categories where the two principal rules of the AgriEdge brand do not apply. The ideas of “advantage” and “solutions” is part of the AgriEdge Branded Family. But it is paid off by Rules 1 & 2. Efficacy, reasonable costs, newness — these are all category benefits and do not differentiate the brand.

We want the farmer and retailer to understand in simple terms that AgriEdge provides all of the efficacy of cutting-edge crop protection. But also includes assurance and technology. It is that simple.