Justice Anthony Kennedy

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

28 June 2018

Replacing Anthony Kennedy

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Anthony KennedyNobody trusts government anymore. Maybe it is because we lived through Vietnam. Maybe Watergate. Might be the Clinton impeachment.

For each political party, there is room enough for disillusionment. And not just in the US. The UK has its share of crazy activity. The EU too.

Let’s not talk about Russia or China. Tibet can tell a tale or two for sure. Maybe another is the retirement of Anthony Kennedy?

Actions instill belief

So, here we find ourselves. Stuck in a political mess. Living in tumultuous times. Believing government can’t govern. Mistrusting the other (whomever the other is).

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his retirement.

Lose. Lose.

How is it possible for the Republican Party to emerge the loser with a new appointment to the Supreme Court?

Mitch Mcconnell and Anthony Kennedy

Well, I can’t see any other outcome than a punch in the face. Replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy is a sure loss.

Once again, this is the battle over ideology. Not conservative vs progressive or pro-life over pro-choice.

This is the opportunity to prove everyone right. That you can’t trust government.

The party in charge

So, this is what I mean.

Brand Blindness. Anthony KennedyThe Republican Party must appoint an ideologue. It has no choice.

The base of the party today makes Attila the Hun a moderating historical character. They demand change.

That’s why they voted for the current administration. Draining the swamp means killing the wildlife and fauna in the Everglades.

The Republican Party has no choice. The Democratic Party has no power. How then can the Republicans lose?

Because they can’t win

Actions betray belief

Look, Merrick Garland’s dismissal was… political. Everyone knew the party leadership was playing games. Because they could. They own power and power is politics.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell are both on record. “Hold off on Supreme Court nominations in an election year.” We all knew it was bullshit. But politics is knee deep in sewage. Remember, it is the swamp that everyone drains.

The winner at the time was power.

Today, the loser is power.

Replacing Justice Kennedy

Cruz-Kasich Anthony KennedySo, when the party in charge pretends their proclamations two years ago never happened, everyone knows the truth. Politicians lie. Don’t trust government.

Nominate a moderate and the base will revolt. When an ideologue emerges, the base celebrates. 

The swamp still needs draining.

We all see that rightness and decency has deserted government. Karma… you know, what goes around comes around.

We all take it up the butt

Everyone knows. To quote Leonard Cohen.

Everybody Knows. Leonard Cohen. Anthony Kennedy

Agendas are different today. Seems middle ground has disappeared. That’s great when you are in power. Sucks when you’re not.

Follow political trends and the RIGHT wins. But, in the end, we all lose.

Can’t believe a word

repositioning brands. Anthony KennedyEveryone knows. Even when actions reflect your beliefs you know. You know that politicians lie. Acting in the best interest takes a back seat.

Fairness is what we crave when we are not in power.

But we all know fairness is what we ask for in the real world.

Not in government. Who needs more fantasies? Sadly, everybody knows.



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