Super Bowl Problem #51

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 February 2017

Super Bowl problem. Super Bowl 51.

The Super Bowl Problem

The Super Bowl problem is a new one but it is not the only one. The NFL has a lot of problems on its docket. CTE. Falling viewership. Enhancement drugs. Recreational drugs and a Super Bowl problem.

And, I forgot to mention domestic violence. Where is my head?

But when the Super Bowl’s biggest pre-game story is Lady Gaga, the NFL needs to rethink things. Fact is, interest in the newest national pastime is waning. You can find almost all the reasons for that decline listed above. All except the overexposure issue.

Super Bowl Problem and The Patriots

Will it help that everyone seems to hate the Patriots?

What if they are winning? Then what?

The Super Bowl Problem is not a new phenomenon.

I’m not old enough to remember the Friday Night Fight broadcasts on network TV. But I do remember my Dad talking about how the overexposure of the sweet science led to a lack of interest. There IS such a thing as too much of a good thing.

This year’s Super Bowl is creating ho-hums

I read reports about the collapse of this year’s Super Bowl secondary ticket market. Apparently, the supply is much greater than the demand.  This has led to a collapse of the secondary market. A few grand for a ticket is not an insignificant sum of money for a ticket. But past Super Bowls commanded five times that amount.(Read a blog I wrote about the NFL ratings here).

The NFL is a greedy monster

The NFL’s problem (the REAL Super Bowl problem) is its enormous appetite. A never sated appetite. Greedy owners, greedy players and a greedy league. The NFL believed it was immune to over exposure. They believed the well would never run dry.

So,NFL Monday night Football was the NFL’s first foray into overexposure. I even remember Thursday Night version of Monday Night Football (a brand guy’s nightmare of a name, by the way).

It wasn’t long before Thursday night stood on its own legs. And networks broadcasted a slew of games every Sunday. But for gluttons, more is never enough. Every game played was available on Satellite. Then all the games were available on cable.

“Only a freshly sliced meat suit by our lady of Ga-Ga will save the day.”

RED Zone TV is the height of gluttony

Now you can even tune into a channel that shows nothing but scores. A litany of scoring drives all mixed up together like a smoothie.

This is not for REAL fans. This sort of overexposure is to quench the thirst of fantasy fans who could care less who won the game. It changes football from a game of strategy to a game of highlights. A football fan’s dream.

So, let’s look at this. The NFL’s greed has let to overexposure. The brand has drunk its own Kool-Aid. And the league believed we would never be able to get enough of its wonderful product. Wishful thinking. It forgot that value is ALWAYS about scarcity. We value most the things that are somewhat scarce.

If De Beers dumped all the diamonds they have been hoarding for almost a century. Dumped them on the market. We would be paving our driveways with the shit. Not elevating them on engagement rings. Beauty is the providence of the user. The Super Bowl problems are in the same diamond mind. The NFL is just not scarce anymore. But the mine, at least this year, is turning out coal.

Super Bowl Problems

Lady Gaga seems to be the big story. No one cares about the teams outside of their cities.

Who gets in is always an issue. But this year it is the ONLY issue.

Can’t fill Super Bowl seats with hatred

The Super Bowl problem has a few other participants. The Falcons and the Patriots. Apparently, as other teams lost ticket prices plummeted. The Cowboys, Packers and Steelers all lost. (Read a blog I wrote about the Steelers’ brand here). And, after every loss, prices tumbled.

So let’s assume just for a moment that the two BEST teams are in the Super Bowl this year. Everyone outside of Boston seems to hate the Patriots and no one seems to give a crap about the Falcons. Atlanta and Boston have my apologies. It’s just that local love does not translate into national interest. Hating the Patriots is apparently not important enough to fork over 5K for a ticket. If the Pats start pouring on points. I predict Heidi will have a resurgence of interest.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.

Lady Gaga is THE story. The halftime show and commercials are the reason America will tune in. The Super Bowl problem will be solved for a year. Maybe. But if the game is one sided and the Pats roar away.

Only a freshly sliced meat suit by our lady of Ga-Ga will save the day.

I have written a great deal about the Super Bowl. Here are some links to those articles.

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