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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

31 October 2017

Streaming TV gets more complicated with YouTube TV

Here’s the deal. A few years ago, I cut my proverbial cable cord. And since then, I’m enjoying it and looking ahead. To be more exact, I don’t even glance over my shoulder. What with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime and YouTube, I feel confident that all streaming TV bases are covered.

streaming TVWith Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Prime, a host of films and TV series lie at my disposal. Hulu gives me current TV content. And YouTube provides a database of everything else (music videos, concerts, DIY videos and talking heads). Which makes me wonder: Why, now, do we need a new app called YouTube TV, adding to the plethora of streaming TV?

Last spring, I wrote that YouTube TV wasn’t that special even though it signified a coming trend. Well, we’re deep into that trend now. For that reason, YouTube TV is becoming redundant. Even Hulu now supports a live TV subscription.

In case you don’t know what YouTube TV is, it’s a standalone, pay TV app that offers DVR capabilities. You download it on a device like a smart TV, streaming box or game console. You pay a monthly fee (about what basic cable costs) for a chunk of channels, some of which include live local programming. All a part of the YouTube ecosystem.

“Who do you have preference for? Sling TV, Hulu, your cable company or YouTube? Or something else?”

Is streaming TV a better option than cable?

Is it a better deal than cable? You see, the whole notion of “cutting the cord” hovers around the idea that people are sick of being bogged down by crap and a huge cable bill. That enables people like me to sign up for a few apps and still have a great viewing experience.

As is, Netflix costs $12 a month, Hulu $10, HBO Now $15 and Amazon Prime $10. That’s just shy of $50 a month. Now, if you add YouTube TV into the mix, were talking more than a cable bill. What’s more, local stations are available with an antenna and that’s free.

YouTube TV and Hulu are the first among the streaming TV services to directly take on cable. (That’s not even mentioning Sling TV.) Deciding between them and cable TV complicates things.

As it is, you’ll decide based on brand. Who do you have preference for? Sling TV, Hulu, your cable company or YouTube? Or something else?

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