Steve Jobs death: A bulb that burns twice as bright burns half as long

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 October 2011

For me (and many others), this death hits particularly hard

I was thinking about typing this note on my old Mac Plus, which I pulled from under the attic eves last night. I abandoned the idea, not because my old Mac no longer worked (it did), but because I realized I had no way to email or connect to what I wrote except with 3.5 floppy discs. I suddenly realized, after hearing of Steve Jobs death, that my personal connection to Steve predates the Internet and goes all the way back to 1984.

I’m not going to write a blog that lauds all of Steve’s insanely great accomplishments and I need to say upfront that I never met him personally. But that is Steve’s magic after all, isn’t it? The products that Steve created are so intuitive, simple, personal, intimate, and magical, if you will, that I feel as if he is family. I took personal satisfaction in his success and now suffer a deep personal loss at his passing.

“Sometimes, when I get full of myself, I remind my ego that Steve is one day older then me. Very humbling. He changed the world.”


Steve Jobs deathDo you remember the pop culture book that was popular a decade or so ago “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten”? Well, I can honestly say that everything I ever needed to learn about branding, simplicity and focus I learned from Steve.

So today I am deeply sad over Steve Jobs death. Greatness passes as naturally as time, but Steve passed much too soon. I assumed it was soon to happen but found myself completely unprepared.

Will I ever again tune into another Apple Keynote with childlike anticipation? Will I stay up all night ever again trying to place my order for the newest and coolest product from the pied piper of elegance and simplicity? Will I still visit the Apple Store with the smile of a kid in a candy store? Will I still feel like somehow everything Apple creates in the future is somehow a personal win for me?

I do hope so. Steve showed me a path and I will settle for nothing less.

Sometimes, when I get full of myself, I remind my ego that Steve is one day older then me. Very humbling. He changed the world.

Fare thee well Steve Jobs and thank you for sharing. I know I will never see your like again.


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