Steph Curry has stayed true to himself

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

11 May 2016

Steph Curry is, in a word, fun

Steph Curry won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award for the second straight year, becoming the first unanimous MVP in league history. That feat was never accomplished by Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlin or even the great Michael Jordan.

Curry has played games this year where he could be shooting from the nosebleed section and you know he is just going to make it. His shooting style is a bit unorthodox, but he shoots with such confidence he makes it look as easy as throwing a rock into a pond.

“His NBA successes seems to have changed him little since his time at Davidson, a small private college in North Carolina.”


Steph Curry

Brands could learn a thing or two from Steph Curry.

The NBA has been quietly looking for the new face of the league. As strange as it sounds, after Michael Jordan, there was a void until LeBron James showed up. While LeBron should be considered as one of the best players ever, the NBA has been in need of a refresh and Curry seems to fit the bill exactly.

He is young, scrappy, and has an adorable daughter who is as comfortable in front of the camera as her dad. Steph Curry has a wife he adores, has no off the court issues and has a refreshing appearance of little boy innocence and humility that is very seldom seen in the NBA, let alone in professional sports as a whole. He is in fact, the brandface the NBA has wanted to portray for some time. Kids see themselves as Curry and adults marvel in his performance.

Let’s hope Steph Curry keeps it up

That is a heavy weight to bear for anyone and athletes have let us down before. But Curry appears to take it all in stride. His NBA successes seems to have changed him little since his time at Davidson, a small private college in North Carolina. His fame and newfound money have apparently not altered his sense of himself. This is a lesson brands must always remember – stay true to who you are.

In a world where consumer tastes and desires seem to be constantly changing, brands are trying to reinvent themselves to keep up. What inevitably happens is that, as they reinvent themselves, they forget who they are and where they come from.

This does not mean that companies can’t grow and evolve. It simply means that they, like Steph Curry, should always remain grounded. I think of a company like Facebook, for example, that has become an Internet behemoth and have consciously made a decision to stay true to who it is. There are tons of articles and case studies about the company culture that Zuckerberg has created at Facebook and how he has successfully molded that culture of always working like a scrappy startup.

Continued brand success is a combination of many factors, some which are out of the control of the brand. But staying true to the fundamental principles of what made a brand successful in the first place is absolutely something that can be controlled. When brands don’t seize control, they fail.

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