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startup branding. Startups is our expertise

Startups need a brand too. Call us, we are branding experts and we will make it happen.

This process provides strategic direction and a strategic theme for startup and emerging brands. We condense the startup branding project timeline to twenty workdays from start to deliverables.

It tightens and delivers the finest of Stealing Share’s thinking and startup branding strategic experience into a consultive month-long process.

After the project, the new brand will receive a new marketing name, a theme line, and a brand charter that provides the framework for all additional messaging.

The client also gets a Creative Brief so that any agency or design firm can execute the strategy in brand/advertising creative.

If the client wishes, Stealing Share can be contracted to do any creative work needed at the end of the project. We put together a startup branding package that positions startups to succeed.

The startup branding deliverables

  1. A summary of the market opportunity seen by Stealing Share in the category (and why)
  2. Recommendation of a working hypothesis of the emotional triggers that move the market to adopt or embrace the new brand (and why)
  3. rules for startup branding Recommendation of a developed startup brand theme that captures the highest emotional intensity available (and why)
  4. Recommendation of a brand name that either represents the brand equity or marries seamlessly with the new brand theme (and why)
  5. Recommendation of brand structure (and why)
    •  Branded house or house of brands
    • The startup brand used in support or as the parent brand
  6. Recommendation on what is currently working and what needs to change
    • Recommendation of a brand charter that defines who the brand is for, why they should care and what the brand promises
    • A brand logo

Complete startup branding creation for startups. without breaking the bank

You receive our startup branding startup expertise and our experts’ global experience, startup brand consulting insights, and strategy in a condensed form completed in 20 working days. 4 weeks.

The Startup Branding Process

  1. A maximum of five one-on-one 45-minute interviews conducted virtually. Ideally, these would include important stakeholders and current customers of the brand. The client schedules these interviews and spaces them 1 hour apart on a single day
  2. Stealing Share creates the startup branding behavioral model (click here for details of our modeling). This model is a detailed structure that maps the relationship between process, purposes, and precepts.
    • the brain power needed startup brandingWe create it to illuminate and map the decision process in the market. Showing the connection between what the brand is or does and the needs or wants that create those processes.
    • Additionally, the model maps the relationships between belief systems that make and control the purposes.
  3.  Stealing Share identifies the highest emotional intensity that influences decision-makers in the target audience as part of the startup branding foundation. 
    • We build upon the most vital precept and develop a singularity brand. With focus and precision, we create the brand as an embodiment of THAT reason why. This intensity makes the new startup brand meaningful, memorable, and persuasive to the target audience.
  4. Stealing Share crafts the brand name and theme line.
    • The theme line speaks to the importance of the startup brand’s positioning in as few words as possible.
    • The brand name may use this theme line as a tagline. Ideally, the brand name would never appear without this theme in lockup.
    • Both brand name and theme line come from the strategic analysis of the behavioral model’s emotional fabric.
  5. Stealing Share’s creative group develops a logo that speaks directly to the strategy.
    • The logo provides a visual mark for the brand’s equity.
    • We present three alternate versions of a logotype it includes two rounds of revisions.

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