Starbucks might be the most generous company of all time.

Just this week, the coffee king agreed to expand its tuition program by adding $250 million towards the college pursuits of full-time and part-time employees. Starbucks isn’t just helping employees pay for college. It is going to pay for the whole shebang: the entirety of tuition. This, so workers can graduate without any collegiate debt to speak of.

That’s nice. Actually, the Starbucks tuition program is monumental.

I wish this opportunity existed when I was forging my way through college.

Get your college tuition here.

Get your college tuition here.

I’ve written quite a bit on the Starbucks brand – most recently, about their store expansion and its increasing selections of foods. While I do not always agree with all of the company’s decisions (selling more food, in particular), I do believe that its brand is rooted in honorable principals.

One such principal is that Starbucks always seems to honor its employees.

What does it offer: employees have full medical, stocks and sabbaticals, just to name a few benefits. Yet the gesture of paying for college might be the grandest of all.

Why exactly is Starbucks paying for school? It seems like a hefty promise to make, after all.

Partly, this is for employee retention, of course. Beyond that, however, this plan is built around the company’s recent promise to hire 10,000 “Opportunity Youth” young people who are out of work or out of school without any job prospects.

Now, thanks to Starbucks, those who thought they could only dream of expanding their worlds actually can, simply by filling out an application and getting hired.

In this day, where corporate giants do their very best to curtail employees earning power (think Walmart and the fast food companies), greedily socking away money for themselves, it’s refreshing to know there are those rarities that exist and buck the conventional trends.

It’s a wonderful thing that Starbucks is doing. Bravo.

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